Our Aquarium Services

Aquarium Maintenance Service

We provide a bespoke aquarium maintenance and fish tank cleaning service. We can provide a range of services from a one off aquarium clean to regularly scheduled fish tank visits. We will discuss the size and nature of your aquarium setup and propose a schedule for fish tank cleaning to make sure that your tank and its inhabitants are healthy and looking at their best.  We provide an expert service for both fresh and saltwater tanks.

Fish tank guys aim is to help you realise your vision in creating a living piece of art that everybody will enjoy by exceeding your expectations either in an office, home, care home or dental surgery.

We strongly believe in creating as natural an environment possible in order to keep your aquarium and fish healthy and happy.

Either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or serviced as needed we can provide maintenance and information on all fish, corals, water, equipment and your aquarium.

Fish Tank Guys provide an emergency call out 24hr, 7 day a week, 365 days a year

Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable & are capable of working on aquatic systems utilising simple internal filters to very complex sump based saltwater marine filters.

We also provide a key holding service for everyday convenience and client holidays.

Prices for our aquarium maintenance service start from £35

What we do:

Every aquarium maintenance visit is tailored to the specific needs of the aquarium being serviced and may include all or a combination of the following.

  • Monitoring and partial water changing
  • Toxins and filter by-products build up in the water within the aquarium. During each visit, a water change will be carried out to dilute these levels and introduce fresh water plus nutrients.
  • Gravel / Sand Clean
  • Filter System Maintenance Glass / Acrylic Clean Inside & Out
  • Cleaning off All Aquarium Decoration
  • Plant Maintenance For Planted Aquariums
  • Maintenance Of All Additional Aquarium Equipment, E.g Protein Skimmers, Reactors, UV Clarifiers
  • Addition Of Water Quality / Fish Disease Treatments
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Fish Health Check
  • Additional aquarium maintenance services available upon request.
  • One Off Aquarium Maintenance Visits
  • Aquarium Consultancy Services
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Installation / Set Up Service
  • Aquarium removal & relocation service
  • Fish Healthcare Services
  • Ongoing supply of fish food

Where required and where compatible, aquariums are supplied with automatic feeders and are refilled every month to ensure livestock are well fed. Where it is not possible to install these feeders or where they are not required, daily food portions will be provided

Enjoy a hassle free aquarium full of bright coloured fish that both you and your family can enjoy.

Add some new Livestock

Once the tank has been cleaned up, it is ready for some new saltwater fish. The biggest and most often made mistakes at this stage of a newly cycled aquarium is that one tries to cram too much into the tank too quickly or all at once. It is important for you to be patient and go slowly on this set up to prevent causing problems from overloading the saltwater aquarium. 

Whether it is fish, corals, or invertebrates, you should only choose and add 1 or 2 into the aquarium at a time. After your selection has been placed into the tank, you need to allow the aquarium’s nitrifying bacteria base to adjust to the additional bio-load. This means you DO NOT add anything else at this point of the setup, and over a week’s time, you should test the aquarium water daily for any appearance of ammonia and possibly nitrite. Zero readings will show you it is safe to add the next 1 or 2 pieces of livestock. Better yet, even when the test results are showing zero, wait another week or two before continuing on

Maintain Your Aquarium

Once your aquarium is cycled, the next step is to take care of it. Whether it’s a water change, tidying up of the substrate, cleaning filtering materials or other simple maintenance tasks, doing them “regularly” is primary to the success of a healthy saltwater system.

Water Quality

Do you know what is happening in your aquarium, what it needs, and what it doesn’t? You should, and testing your aquarium water tells you what is going on. It allows you to make any necessary corrections to fix a problem, such as with pH, unwanted nitrate and phosphate, and when to add beneficial calcium and other trace elements that are essential to reef systems.

Aquarium maintenance services Gloucestershire
Aquarium maintenance services Gloucestershire

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Aquarium maintenance services Gloucestershire
Aquarium maintenance services Gloucestershire

Aquarium Installation Service

Are you interested in setting up an aquarium in your home? It’s worth getting the experts in from The Fish Tank Guys to provide an aquarium installation service for you, to make sure your tank has been set up correctly and supplies a perfect living environment for your fish.

Firstly decide in your home or office where you would like to have your aquarium, we will help advise on the ideal location. We have found that an aquarium in a reception of any business or restaurant can create a serene lasting first impression or a tank in the living room of your home can also have an air of tranquillity but may double as a learning experience for the entire family or for the office staff & visitors.

Once you have decided on the location we can come to you and find out all your expectations. We will take all necessary, we will then design all stands, cabinets, filtration and lighting and of course the aquarium itself with your requirements in mind. We will then present you with a custom proposal to bring your aquarium dream to life, when you have accepted our proposal we begin to create your one of a kind system.

Once your system is fully operational, the next step is to consider a maintenance schedule to suit your knowledge and requirements, Fish Tank Guys will do all the work for you including but not limited to cleaning the tanks inside and out, water testing and introducing new fish and corals, our goal is to help educate, install the best possible product for you to enjoy for years to come.

Fish Tank Guys have a real passion for helping customers realise their aquatic dream, its a great feeling educating customers about their new aquaria. Contact us about our aquarium installation service today on 07961 540473 !

Aquarium Moving Service

The fish tank guys have successfully relocated all shapes and sizes of aquariums, freshwater aquaria & saltwater marine aquariums up to 800ltrs.

Relocating an aquarium can be an extremely involved project. As you may have experienced, even professional moving companies do not offer aquarium relocation service . Nearly every component of an aquatic system is delicate with livestock at the top of the list. Imagine an Ocean can relocate or transport nearly any size system. Fish tank guys aim to safety and efficiency maintain the stability and water quality in transit ensures minimal stress on livestock and rapid system recovery.

We also, subject to availability have the capability to hold your freshwater or saltwater live animals if necessary. This can make an aquarium relocation much less stressful. We can pick up all fish, corals, invertebrates, plants and live rock before moving day. Your live animals will be held until your aquarium has been relocated and is ready for all the inhabitants to be acclimated back to their home. For more information see our Fish Tank Moving Service page.
Prices start from £200.